Monday, November 24, 2008


Bryce with some of the music team
part of the morning crowd
Rev. J. H. & Mrs. Osborne

This past week-end, my husband and son, along with several men from our church, attended the California Men's Conference, MoMENtum. It is an annual conference originally started by Rev. Bill Parkey, pastor of Abundant Life Center, Tulare, California. Rev. Parkey was appointed director of men's ministry for the California district and has done a great job of organizing this superb conference. This year's speakers included J. H. Osborne, Nathan Hurst, Sam Emory, Ron Mullings, Tony Copple, Tim Spell, and more. The house was packed and all reports have been exciting.

Bryce is so impressed with the ministry of J. H. Osborne, Nathan Hurst, Sam Emory, Ron Mullings, and many more. As a mother, I am thrilled to know my son's heroes are great men of God. He wanted to get a picture with all the guest speakers but forgot to take the camera soon enough to catch them all. He did get a quick snapshot with those involved in music ministry. Tim Spell lead worship with the help of Larry Carter on guitar, Mark Yandris on keys, other musicians and several vocalists. Bryce and fellow WAY Choir member Michael Biederman enjoyed being part of the team. It made me feel good that Bryce chose to enhance his spiritual life by attending this conference. There's no greater joy than knowing that your children walk with God.


  1. I completely understand your sentiments!!!!

  2. Tracie - I know you do. There's nothing quite like the good, warm, fuzzy feeling you get when your child has chosen a good path.

  3. I wouldn't know about that (yet!), but I do know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when your friends make the right choices and are in love with God! It's always uplifting, and makes me feel happy.
    Looks like a great conference! Bro. Hurst is one of my fav preachers! He's hilarious, but also such a deep person!

  4. Janell - Someday you will understand. It is so very different when it is your baby. I agree with you about Bro. Hurst. He just preached a youth event at our church a couple weeks ago. He sang a couple songs, got the audience going, and then punched it with an incredible sermon.

  5. I've heard the raves about MoMENtum, and was very happy that the men in our church were able to go. However, I plan on asking Da-Vee about the PEARLS of a SERVANT. I'm glad Bro. Mike cleared it up and said the title was PERILS of a SERVANT. ahahahaa

  6. Chandra - MoMENtum is a fantastic conference for the men. They have awesome preaching, great music, and lots of fellowship. It was packed out this year. I feel proud that my son chose to attend rather than spend his time elsewhere. Putting God first is always the right choice. As for Da-Vee - - - what can I say?!?!? Comedy is in his blood.

  7. I am thankful Bryce came too, thankful that I was able to go and serve in the music with him, thankful you posted that picture so I could grab it :) and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless!

    Jesus is Lord!

    Bro Mike Bierdeman

  8. Mike - I am so excited you were able to attend the conference and be part of Bro. Spell's praise team. I know you were a blessing and that you, too, were blessed. I'm so proud of you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!