Sunday, November 9, 2008


Some have e-mailed asking about my mom and my eyes so here's an update.

My mom has started therapy and is gaining strength in her arm. The doctor said she can now stay alone for a few hours at a time. My sister lives next door to her, so she checks in on my mom throughout the day and is still staying with her at night. Mom can now reach to the side of her chair and pull a tissue from the box and raise it to her face. Brushing her teeth and eating with her right hand is still progressing, but she can get the toothbrush or fork to her mouth. She has been to a few church services and even went with my sister on an overnight trip to a conference. The doctor still doesn't want her lifting any amount of weight with her right arm and my sister and I have to continually remind her not to pick up her purse or open the car door. Considering all things, I think she is doing great. Hopefully, her recovery will continue to progress and exceed expectations.

Concerning my vision, well, it's a challenge. This is not a sudden problem but something that has been progressing for years. My left eye is just not functioning as needed. The retina specialist sent me back to the opthamologist last week for further testing. Those test results are being sent to the retina specialist and my primary optometrist. I will return to the retina specialist in January. My hope is to get a miracle for Christmas and surprise the retina specialist when I return. :) The ladies committee I work with recently had their annual fall board meetings. It was tedious trying to focus on the small print and my eyes began to hurt and tear. The president and secretary were so kind and kept the lights dimmed to ease my discomfort. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and all of the committee members agreeing to work in softer light. The first exam with the retina specialist gave me some trauma to my optic nerve and it is slowly recovering. Sometimes bright light feels like a sharp needle in my eye and I use big dark glasses.

I'll finish this post with a funny story. My eyesight at night is really poor. The other night Blake and I were going to meet my husband, Bryce and Bryn at the church office. I drove to the back of the church where it is the closest entrance to Brian's office and Blake started to get out of the car. I saw a man coming across the parking lot and I told Blake to wait until the man passed the car. Blake said, "Mom, it is just dad!" You'd think after nearly 30 years of marriage I would at least recognize his gait, huh? LOL


  1. Jana, you and your mom are still in my prayers. BTW that closing story was funny. :-)

  2. I'll forgive you! It is that skinny man that I am becoming--you just couldn't recognize me after all the weight I have lost. I understand. LOL

  3. Mark - thanks for the prayers. :~)

    Brian, my love - ROFL Hey, that shadowy figure did look slimmer and I think that is what fooled me. MUAH!

  4. Thank you so much for the update Jana. We are still believing in miracles for you and your mother. Loved the story about Brian.

  5. Karen - thanks for the comment. Funny thing is, Brian has been on a 15 day fast (today is day 14) and he has dropped a few pounds so he is exaggerating his "slim" figure. LOL What a laugh we all had!!!

  6. I am so glad to hear of your mother’s improvement. Thank you Jesus!!
    We will also be praying for your joyous Christmas gift and touch from our Lord.


  7. Mervi - thanks for your prayers. I will be praying for you and Virginia, too.