Friday, May 1, 2009

Brag Moment

Once again, I am bragging on my little princess Bryn. She is part of the UPCI Ladies Ministries national promotional video. Go to, scroll down the page and on the right it will have the link to view Mother's Memorial 2009 promotional video. "All This and More." Bryn represents foreign missionaries, "...and that's a really good thing."

EDIT: This promotional video was created by Anita Harding who is the promotional director for my district (Central and Northern California and Northern Nevada). Our national ladies president loved Anita's work and wanted to use her for the national promotions. I am very proud to work with Anita.


  1. You just brag on. That's part of being a mother, and it is one of the best parts.

  2. Bryn, is just too adorable!


  3. Hi Jana, Bryn is such a sweetheart,

  4. Karen - thank you

    Deb - I love Bryn's expressions.

    Helen - Thank you for your kind comment. I pray that Bryn always keeps her sweet, soft spirit. She has brought so much joy to our home and has so much compassion for others.