Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Drama Life or Life Drama?!?!?

Thinking out loud, "Where do I begin to tell this story?!?" Let me start with the good news. After more than two years of struggling with my potassium levels and having monthly blood tests, I have reached a normal level for the past two months. My doctor has decided I can now wait three months before another blood test. That sounds great to me!!

Now on to the next drama in my life. Before Christmas, Blake had put a bottle of water in the freezer and I unknowingly opened the fridge door and the frozen water fell from the top of the fridge onto my left foot. The foot swelled, bruised, and gave me misery. It seemed to never heal. While at ladies conference in March, I realized something was seriously wrong with my foot and determined to see my doctor as soon as I returned home. Apparently, the water falling on my foot was not the cause of the problem but brought enough aggravation to the foot for me to realize I needed help.

Since I have HMO insurance, it has taken until now to get to a specialist. He sent me for a nerve conduction test and spine X-Rays thinking my foot is falling off my ankle because my back has nerve issues causing weakness on my left side. What?!?!? Here's what I know - - - if a doctor ever recommends a nerve conduction test to you, run as fast as you can screaming, "HELP!" A friend of mine described the test as "Nazi." This test began with an assistant putting an electrical probe on my foot. The probe began to send electrical shocks to my foot. Then, she moved the probe to my ankle and repeated the steps. This procedure continued all the way up my leg with the electrical shocks becoming increasingly stronger to the point of feeling as if my leg was burned. It was uncomfortable, but I tolerated it knowing it would surely be over soon. The assistant then left the room saying, "The doctor will be with you shortly." I figured the doctor would come in, say a few words, and then it would be over but I was wrong. This doctor got a long plastic needle and said she was going to probe my leg and it would "poke a little." She then proceeded to "poke" me from my foot to my lower back. (Probably at least 20 pokes) When she inserted the needle, she would put pressure and ask me to resist it. The needle would then go through the muscle and hit a nerve. When the nerve was hit, she would listen to the "noise" the nerve created on a big machine and watch the zig-zag lines that resembled and EKG. Now THIS was NOT fun and the needle HURT! Even so, I gritted my teeth determined to endure to the end. Trying my best, I could not stop the tears when the needle was three inches into my back and the doctor was moving it to find "the nerve." Nope, never again! I will absolutely, positively refuse to ever go through another nerve conduction test. Three days later and I could barely get up and down from a chair. My back hurts and I look like a druggie with so many needle marks up my leg.

Bottom line - a new referral is in progress to send me to an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA who specializes in foot/ankle problems. I am beginning to believe the older I get the more drama I face. Heaven help!!! Is drama life or life drama?!?!?!


  1. Jana, I'll keep you in my prayers. But I'm going to have to pray, "Thy will be done," because, as you say, as we age life gets more and more "dramatic." We are spiritual beings who live in mortal bodies.

  2. Helen - your prayers are appreciated and I do want the will of God. His ways are far above ours. Sometimes living in this mortal body causes me to wish for the day we will pass to immortality. :) Hope you had a great Pentecost Sunday.

  3. Sis Jana, Sis Hurst gave us a great story of healing power in our hair our glory. Email her and ask her to send you the story. I know God has a healing 4 u..Love u Sis Noel

  4. Noel - I have already read the story you mentioned and have experienced many healings in my life. I could write a book! It has only been God's grace I have made it thus far.

  5. Sister Allard,

    Those tests alone are enough to cause a serious medical problem. I had to get it done in both my legs, my back and both arms. I will pray that you never have to go through that again...I know for me if my Dr. ever recommends that again, I will laugh and walk out of his office. Those are horrible!

    Praying for you!

  6. Bekki - I am sorry you, too, endured such a wicked test. Funny thing was, a lady in our church was recommended the same test right after I had it. I told her to say, "No," and run real fast. :~)