Friday, May 15, 2009

How Far Should the News Go?

Angelo Mendoza, Jr.

EDIT 10:40 AM Sat.: I just realized this child was in the care of a foster parent (Kerrie, the daughter of fellow blogger Jolene, was the foster parent) in our church and the courts ruled the parent stable enough to return the child. This is so devastating to Jolene and her family. Please pray for all involved.

Today has been nauseating ever since I read the Bakersfield Californian report about a four year old boy whose father bit his eyes out. The child, 4-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr., told police, "My daddy ate my eyes." If you wish to read the entire article, here is the link:
What is your opinion? Should the news report such heinous crimes? Does making such monstrous crimes public knowledge give other unstable people the courage to copycat or exceed the atrociousness of the beastly crime?


  1. Jana, I'm awarding you the Kreativ Blogger award. You are deserving of such honor. You're creative, musical, a great writer, sweet, passionate and godly.

    Click on my name, and go over and get the award. You'll know what to do, I believe.

  2. Shirley - thanks for the award and compliments.

  3. Anonymous - I have decided to not post your comment. Not because it was right or wrong but, frankly, I am frustrated with people who hide behind anonymity. If you believe what you say, then sign your name to it.

    By the way, you might want to do a study on "copycat" crimes. We rarely heard of school shootings until the media was blitzed with Columbine and then there were many copycats all over the nation.

  4. If that happened to me, I would be horrifed to know that it had been broadcasted everywhere. What a terrible act..I can't believe someone would do anything like that. There are all sorts of stories that are not pleasant on the news everyday, but I don't that this particular matter should be in the hands of the media. It's wrong.

  5. This is awful! Unfortunately, nowadays the "good" isn't rewarded in news stories. It's the sensational "bad" things that draw attention. Most news agencies have definitely gone negative to sell papers. This was a disgusting story that should NEVER have been published with the details as it was. This is why we must remain POSTIVE as a church and as God's people because many are being fed a steady diet of horrible stories.

  6. I think the media goes too far in spotlighting atrocious crimes like the one committed against this precious little boy. I cringe at the thought of a terrible act like this being repeated, but now that it has been publicized and knowing human nature, it's likely to happen elsewhere.

  7. Jennifer - I agree with you. It shouldn't be so openly discussed.

    Karen - I agree with you, too. It is one thing to report news and another thing to reveal the most atrocious details.

    Carol - We can only hope and pray that this crime is not replicated.

  8. You're right; it's been proven over and over again that sensational (i.e. horror) news gets copy-catted by unstable individuals. The example of the school shootings is perfect. A lot of serial killers are affected by the news's so sad and frustrating. I was just thinking yesterday in fact, that I wonder how our world would be if there was 1 month of only positive news. All bad news banned. What would the impact be? I bet it would be healthy and wonderful!!
    (This story is too horrible and sad. My prayers are with you guys)

  9. I wish the media could only tell of the good things happening. It is true that there may be copycat crimes but what if a certain article could prevent the crime from happenening again? Imagine if the court, or whoever makes the judgement to remove a child from foster care and place them back into the home of their parents, had read more articles like this one. Perhaps that judge or jury would be much more careful when placing kids back into homes that they were pulled from in the first place. Perhaps that would make the general public uneasy and realize that crimes like this ARE happening nowadays. It is sickening and I am so disgusted to read articles like this. I really will pray for that foster family, the little boy, and yes, the terrible father and mother.