Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paula!

Paula with her grandchildren, Brooklyn, Terri-Renee, & Clayton Paul
Celebrity going incognito
Playing with Bryn

My much older sister - - -I think she loves it when I say that. HA! Yeah, right! She will want to slap me when she reads this but, "I ain't skeered." She is seven years older than me, four inches taller, and people still think we look like twins. Are optometrist a thing of the past? My response to Paula is this - these people must think you look like me because there is no way I look as old as you!

Seriously now. My sister is my only sibling and I love her dearly. We have so many great memories that just the mention of "running from a golf course" or "asparagus" can send us into a fit of laughter. Or, I could say, "Roll back the curtain of memory now and then..." I am now laughing out loud as I type these words!!! I was about eight years old, Paula 15, and we were singing with our mother in church. Paula was playing a huge Wurlitzer organ that looked like it wrapped around the church, I was standing to her side, and mom was behind Paula trying to pull the one microphone closer. You know those microphones that are so big they look like an electric car or mailbox? When mom tried pulling it closer, the entire boom stand came apart and mom was trying to hold the whole piece connected to the mic. Oops!!! Paula and I started to giggle, and mom was poking us trying to make us sing. The more she poked, the more we laughed. I don't think we finished the song that night but what a memory!!! " me where You brought me from, and where I could have been, remember I'm human and humans forget, so remind me, remind me, dear Lord..."

Well, Paula, I am reminding you it is your birthday and you are older than the truck speed limit but you could pass for the speed limit of downtown traffic twin. Take your pick. LOL Happy Birthday Day and many more. I love you!


  1. I just want to say that Sis Paula is one of the greatest ladies in Pentecost...and I've met a few. She has been such a wonderful friend not only to me and my children, but also to my husband!! I haven't seen her in a while but I know if I saw her tomorrow she would be the same person as always. She is always uplifting, friendly, and so kind...your mother is also the same...Thank You Sis Allard for posting this!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULA....HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!
    Tina Howlett

  2. Oh-hohohoho! I think you may be in trouble now Sis. Allard. I'll hold her down Paula while you wallop her one. :=) NOT! LOL!

    Happy B-Day Paula! May Your day be full of joy, laughter, and more blessings than you can contain. Love ya, jolene

  3. Tina - so nice to hear from you. It is great to have friends where you can always pick up on the same page you left off even when distance separates you.

    Jolene - I think I am in BIG trouble. HAHAHA!!! LOL

  4. Oh no, Jana! I will be able to hear the screams way over here. LOL I doubt if you all finished that song either. That's too much. Rotf.

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Paula. I pray that this coming year is the best yet. Love ya!

  5. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, PAULA! I wish I could see you sometime. We'd have a lot to talk about, I'm sure! Love you!