Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day

They are growing up too fast.
Sometimes they are so silly.
My mom with four of her five grandkids.
(We were missing Amber, my sister's oldest daughter.)
Now you know where they learned to be silly!

Today was a beautiful, sun-shining, California day with temperatures reaching the mid 80's and it was also a day full of love and laughter. The morning began with my kids giving me cards. I even got a card from our doggy saying, "I ruv roo!" They were all funny. Let me share the laughs.
Bryn's card: (A picture of a cute, naked baby on the front) "We're all born into this world naked..........It's God's way of telling us to go shopping."
Blake's card: (A picture of a mom cooking and the mom emphatically talking) "Well, I don't care if you think peas are gross. You'll EAT them and you'll LIKE them..........Mom, thank you for your gentle encouragement through the years."
Bryce's card: (A picture of a toddler sitting on the potty) "Hey, Mom! Thanks for teaching me so many wonderful things over the years..........Especially that potty training thing. I can't tell you how many times that has come in handy."
Then, I was supposed to go to church and be serious. LOL The service was beautiful and all the mothers were honored. Following the service, my husband took me to my favorite Italian restaurant. We had a great lunch celebrating Mother's Day and also Bryce's birthday. Being a mommy is the best job God ever gave me.


  1. Enjoyed your post and pictures. What a special gift when you can have your family wrapped around you. And when they can't come, the phone calls are great too.

  2. Happy Mother's Day...and Happy Birthday to Bryce