Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Helen first, then Shirley gave me this award and I appreciate their thoughtfulness. I am responding to their questions only because I can't tell them, "No."


1. God - with all my heart, mind, and soul

2. Brian Allard - I love him with every beat of my heart which is about 110,000 times per day

3. Bryce, Blake, Bryn-Anika - my beautiful children whom I love more than life itself

4. Feeling the presence of God touch me (it usually brings me to tears)

5. Music - I love to sing and hear great harmonies

6. Laughter - it really is medicine to me

7. Pink - it is a color of which I never tire viewing


  1. Jana, I'm sorry. I hadn't known Helen had tagged you for this or I certainly would not have done so. I know these things, though interesting, can be a bit of a burden. Don't ever worry about saying no to me...I'm very understanding.

    Love you

  2. Shirley - no need for apologies. It was my choice to participate and I just couldn't resist you or Helen. You two keep the blogging world interesting. Love you!

  3. Thanks Jana. I didn't mean this to be a burden. Sometimes it lightens the heaviness to reflect on that which is truly good. Prayers are bombarding heaven for all of you - especially this precious child. In the long run, the goodness of God WILL WIN, even though it might not look possible now. Love, Helen

  4. Helen - oh, no!! It was not at all a burden. i just usually don't play along with these games. But I just can't say, "No," to you or Shirley. :)

    Thank you so much for your prayers. Little Angelo has been on our hearts and minds and we feel so helpless. Prayer is the only thing we can do. I feel so sad that the courts returned him to his dad. On the other hand, when his dad is free of drugs sitting in a prison cell, he will have to live with the memory of maiming his son. It is such a tragedy.