Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You...

(Out-of-town relavtives of the foster grandmother visited church and posed with Angelo. You can obviously see Angelo was a sweet, cuddle bug. No one could resist those big, brown eyes and kissable lips!)

EDIT 5/19/09 @ 11:10 PM : Please see comments for Jolene's personal thanks.
To all my faithful friends and blog followers, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks for your prayers for Angelo, his foster mom, and our congregation. Our world was rocked hard and we are still reeling from the shock of such an atrocious crime. I firmly believe your prayers are the only thing that has kept us through the past few days. In all honesty, it is difficult to come to grips with this and to realize we are so helpless. We wish we could rush to Angelo and hold him, but we can't. Questions continue to bombard our minds and we must push them away because there are no reasonable answers. We must walk by faith and not by sight...not by our flesh.

Jesus, let the healing begin.


  1. Sis. Allard, Kerrie & I too, want to add our thanks to those who have sent up prayers for our Little Angelo and the rest of us. Our hearts ache but not for us but for Angelo.

    Kerrie and I have spent countless hours going over the times that we have spent rocking this precious child in our arms, chasing him through the house in laughter as we played with him and he squealed with joy. Watching him sleep peacefully at night in his crib, taking him to church and watching everyone fall in love with him, and oh how he loved his baths. He was a fish in water. It was a battle getting him out. The list goes on of the precious memories.

    These I will try to hold onto and not the horror of the nightmare that has happened.
    I know our hands are tied and we can do nothing but pray. Oh but I know a God who knows no boundries. Who can reach out and go where no man can go. He can gather little Angelo in His arms through our prayers and He can comfort this child and bring peace to his troubled soul and mind. I do believe that in time all will be alright with our little Angelo by the grace of God. But for this to happen we MUST keep praying for him and never let up in Jesus Name.

    Again, Thank you everyone for your prayers on behalf of Angelo. Love in Christ, Sis. Jolene

  2. I've been praying Sis. Allard..and you're right, sometimes that's the only thing that will carry you through. This broke my heart, and I will continue to pray.

  3. Jolene

    I want to share the depth of my love for this little Angelo. I have been weeping and praying for him fervently. I have never met him, and had not learned of this news until yesterday, but I have two sons and know they are so precious to me and my husband, and above all, to Jesus. I wished so much to hold him or call him somehow and just pray healing over him. I just claim him in Jesus' Name as a priceless child, and pray that our Mighty God will speak to his heart, and heal him and protect him from the enemy. Words are simply not enough to extend even the smallest of sympathies, but know, I am committing him to prayer, along with my women's Bible Study up in Tehachapi. Thank you for putting information on here so I may know how to pray. You are obviously someone who is so full of love and trust in Christ, I'm sure it was extremely difficult to relay your pain and post it on here. I by no means want to be opportunistic or make anything more difficult than I can imagine it is, but I did want you to know that the Lord is leading women even in Tehachapi to pray for this little buddy and for all that love him. I wish there was more I could do, though I know that "the prayers of a righteous man accomplish much."

    my heart breaks for this little sweetheart, but I believe in Jehovah Jireh, God Who Saves, and "is greater than our hearts and knows all things." In Genesis, Hagar called God "El Roi: God Who Sees Me." Lord, You alone can see into the depths of Angelo's precious little heart. Thank You, Thank You Lord for sparing his life, please Lord, restore his soul. Please, Holy Spirit, be swift in your mighty work of being the Great Physician to heal Angelo's spirit and his body. The work that only You can accomplish.

    Melissa Davis

  4. Melissa, my heart is so moved by your compassion for our little Angelo. I know that this tragedy has touched the hearts of many and therefore many prayers are going up for this precious child around the globe. Yet, somehow when I receive news from someone like you telling me you are praying, it gives an extra assurance to my heart that God will take care of our little Angelo. He will heal his spirit and body because there is a people who are binding together in 'Jesus Name' and oh the power in that name.

    We may not be able to rush to Angelo and gather him in our arms and hold him physically, but we can spiritually through prayer. Then God can come on the scene and gather Angelo in His arms and do more in a moment than we could ever do in a life time.

    Thank you so, so much again for your prayers.
    God Bless,

  5. This is really sad and what so often happens in foster care. We don't always understand but we do keep prayin... this is a story I wrote that I wanted to share

  6. Jolene - My prayers are continuing for you.

    Jennifer - thanks for your prayers.

    Melissa - Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

    Mary Frances - thank you for sharing your story.