Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eagle's Summit Re-visited

My niece Sara with the First Lady of Apostolic Tabernacle Shirley Emory. Sara has made it known to all, that should anything happen to her parents, she wants Sam and Shirley Emory to be her parents. Shirley has happily agreed.

Merced Apostolic Tabernacle Choir
Apostolic Tabernacle musicians
Blake and his friend Ariella Arcovio

Time is flying too fast for me! I am struggling to keep my blog updated. Last weekend (Thurs.-Sat), Bryce sang at Eagle's Summit in Merced. Blake, Bryn and I were able to attend the Friday evening service and the Saturday concert in the park. This conference is not for the faint hearted Christian. The ministry is deep and intense. Scripture tells us there are pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and, yet, many have a hard time accepting "prophets." I will admit, I have had times I was skeptical, but I am convinced God still has and uses prophets today. The speakers for this conference were Prophet John Arcovio, Pastor Nathan Hurst, Pastor Sam Emory, and Prophet Dr. Gerald Jeffers. During the Friday evening service, Dr. Jeffers spoke about "Friend or Foe." He took us to the scriptures where Jesus called Judas "friend." Then, he backed up to the scriptures where Jesus had told his disciples how he would taken away and Peter response was he would not allow anyone to hurt Jesus and Jesus said to Peter, "Get thee behind me Satan." His point was Judas was a friend because he helped fulfill the will of God. It was God's will for Jesus to go to the cross for our redemption. When Peter didn't want any harm to come to Jesus, he was being a loving and concerned friend but he was trying to circumvent the will of God. There is so much more to the message I would suggest you visit and find the message in their archived videos. Following the service, we were gathered in the reception hall and my husband wanted to introduce me to Dr. Jeffers. When the introduction was made, Dr. Jeffers asked if I would sit in the chair across from him. He began to speak prophetically to me and I couldn't stop the tears. He spoke about things he could never possibly know without hearing from God. I am convinced there are modern day prophets.

The finale was the concert in the park along with a barbecue. Merced choir was in fine style as always, Bryce made me proud, and a group from Santa Ana sang their hearts out. It was a great weekend and Eagle's Summit is a conference I would highly recommend to anyone who desires a deeper, closer, and very intimate relationship with God.

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